What is the ram type DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4

When you buy a new pc or ram you hear abour ddr2, ddr3 and ddr4 ram rame type and you are confused and ask or search about what is the type of ram so today we well tell you what is the ddr2, ddr3 and ddr4 ram type so lets start

Difference :- In ram type ddr2, ddr3 and ddr4 have many difference like powe consumption, speed, durability, size and ports there are many difference in ddr2, ddr3 and ddr4 ram type and the major difference is powe consumption and speed because ddr 2 is slower than ddr3 and ddr3 are slower than ddr4 and same difference in powe consumption

Powe consumption :- DDR2 consum more power then ddr3 and ddr4 and when you want to create a device that work on battery then we don’t recommended you for use the ddr2 type of ram in device because it will consum more power and your device don’t run longer time in your battery

ddr3 ram is batter then ddr2 because you fing more read and rite speed that make your device powefull and it’s don’t consum extra power compare to ddr2 but its not greate choise because ddr4 available in the market

ddr4 is a good choise for create a new device because it consume small power compare to ddr2 and ddr3 and its provide you fast read and rite speed that make your device faster compare to ddr2 and ddr3 any your device rum smoothly and in laptop your battry work longer

speed :- ddr2 speed compare to ddr3 and its cant provide much speed for play higher games and editing videos using photoshop and workning on graphic design so we don’t recammed you to use this ram

ddr3 is batter then ddr2 because its speed is faster then dd3 and its work on more Mhz than its provide you faster speed then ddr2 and in this ram you can play higer games and edit video and graphic desiging

ddr4 is batter then ddr3 and ddr2 because this ram stick will give you more speed then ddr2 and ddr3 because its trangister is more closer and it’s mhz is faster then other ram than it will give you more speed and you can play gmes in ultra setting and edit 4k quality videos and work on graphic

Choise :- If you think to create a device and think which is best for you first chose your work which work you want to do and than check your device capibility and price we are recamend you to use ddr3 or d4 ram stick because it’s faster then you get smoot experience

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