What Is Sync (synchronization) and how it’s works

sync (synchronization) is a process where you got auto backup your files form your device to cloud and protect files from system crace and mistackly delete and you can setting your device to auto backup your data to cloud

  1. Mobile  you can auto setting your mobile to auto backup your data to clooud when you are using android device you can go to setting and choose google or sync process and compleate the process then you choose your drvice to auto backup

         2. Contacts  when you sign in your devce and connect to internet then your device auto backup your all contacts on your device will                     auto backup to google contacts and google server and when you login you same email id to another device then your contacts will                       auto restore to your new device

3. Backup on Pc  

the next question is how to backup your pc data directly to cloud and you can auto back feature on your pc is google drive and you can downlod google drive in your pc and setting to auto backup files and then your pc auto backup your files when you connect to internet

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