What is Server And How it’s works

You read or hear the name called Server if you don’t know what is the server no proble we tell you what is server

Server :-  First you remember that server is a computer that connected to high speed internet and it is programed to resive, send and store data and any one who connected to the server and have permissin to view data can use the server throw website, emails, cloud storage

Works Of server :- Servers handel and serve the world wide internet because all the data in the world like your facebook photo video, youtube videos, your cloud data everything in the internet are stored in servers i know your next question is how many storage have in servers but i will tell you only google have 1 million+ servers but currently only 90,000 server are working and one server have millions of PB Storage

First Step :- Server have millions TB sorage, ram And cpu that is server and server are connected to internet throw fiber cables and serve data

Second Step :- Install a program in server that give instruction to server and connect domains, cloud storage, file sharing, etc. service to server and server store date webpage and everything you want and that is simple process of server that server works

Uses of servers :- Server works many tasks like manage website, store data, cloud storage, email server, application server and more works server works propely and server the service and make our work easier

Can we create local network Server :- Yes you can create local home server for file sharing, data storage and much more works if you want to create home server first install server os like lenux, ubuntu, windows server os in your server pc and connect it to internet and mange and store your date every where in the world

How Was The server internet speed :- Server internet speed is realy wery fast server speed depand in may task like temprature, server load, cpu, ram, fiber cables and may tasks but in normal working process server speed is around 800 MB/Sec to 2000 MB/sec

How many trafic a single server handle :- A single server can handle millions of users and work normaly but some time and some sarver cand handle user arround 20 to 30 millions and working fine but only google have 1 million+ server and amazon, facebook have same numbers of server

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