what is hdd and ssd difference

when you buy a new device or hard drive you read or hear about storage drive type hdd and sdd but what is the difference bitween hdd and sdd because its name look same like hdd means hard drive disk and ssd means solid state drive and if you cant understan difference bitween ssd and hdd we tell you the most difference is speed, size and weight ssd is faster, smaller, less weight compare to hdd

difference bitween hdd and sdd :- If we compare the ssd and hdd its four majour difference speed, size, weight and price so we compare hdd and ssd in the four size ok lets start and enjoy this article

Speed :- When we compare hdd and ssd in speed the hdd provide you slow speed and ssd give you faster speed its read and right speed faster then hdd a simple hdd give you avg. 3 gb/s speed and sdd speed is avg 6 gb/s so you can wath which is best in speed and for you and you can edit 4k video esily and your pc boot up speed is faster when you use ssd but hdd is not too slow but its slow if you creat higer pc then use ssd

Size :- Compare to hdd and ssd in size the hdd is bigger then ssd because hdd works on disk and in hdd have rotaion morot and many components and in ssd have no motor and any disk its have trangisters and you can place many trangister in closely then ssd is smaller when you use a pandrive and memory card its work on sdd technology so ssd is smaller then hdd and you can save space when use ssd in your device

Weight :- if you compare hdd and ssd in weight remember ssd works on trangisters and hdd works in rotation disk and motor and metel body then hdd have more weight compare to ssd and ssd works in trangisters then its have small weight you can use in your sleem device for less weight

Price :- when we compare hdd and sdd in price the sdd i costly compare to hdd and the hdd is cheap compare to sdd and if you can invest more price in your device then we suggest to buy ssd if you save then go to hdd or if you want more space in ssd price so go to hdd because there are no big difference in speed but remember sdd is faster then ssd

Which is best For me :- If you create a device in low price or you want more storage in ssd price then go to hdd but you want small space but faster speed then go to ssd because ssd give you faster speed but hdd not posible to give you fast speed

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