what is hardware and software

If you don’t know what is the difference beetween hardware and software no problem we will tell you what the difference beetween hardware and software and how hardware works and how software works and what is hardware and waht is software ok lets start and enjoy this article


Hardware :- What is hardware this is your question so hardware is a machien like your mobile, pc, laptop, car, bike, and machin who works its a machin and the smart form of hardware is a machien thats work manualy ok automatic thats hardware

if watch inside your pc all parts like cpu, motherboard, ram, hard disk, drd riter, and all parts are pluged into you pc are hardware

Software :- Second question what is software – software is a program thats command all your hardware to perfom and gide to they do this work means suppose you want to print a file that store in your pc and you command your pc to print this file when you command your pc first your command go to your printer software and your printer software gide your printer for print your file like which colour have in this file and how to mange all colour and print this file that is the work of your software

Difference Bitween Hardware and software :- The majour differenct bitween hardware and software is we can touch hardware but we cannot tuch and feel software because software is a program that like your mind you cannot touch your mind because you touch your head but hardware is a part of different different type of material and trangisters so you can touch your hardware

That is the majour difference beetween hardware and software i hope you like my this article

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