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How To Download Pubg lite Project Thai

hello friends today in this article i will show you how to download and install pubg lite pc its call project thailand os lets start with this quick article for how to download pubg lite for patato pc and pc gamers

There are some steps for how to download and install pubg lite

Register Here :-

first open the pubglite offical website  lite.pubg.com   after open this site on google chrome you will show translate button on upper right corner on chrome and register on this site with your email address

Download Here:-

 After compleat registration download this game by the link Download Pubg Lite Here  and install on your pc

now use thiland vpn and sign in your pubg lite app and download it its only 2.5 GB file

How to play :- this game server start on 24 january 2019 and you can play this gmae on date 24