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How to Buy jio giga fiber

jio will anounce it’s new internet service call jio giga fiber and jio say we will release our fiber service in august 15 2018 and this service release on 1100+ City in india and it will free for first three months but user pay its instalation charge and the instalation charge is 2400 INR rupee and after 3 monts free subscription user pay its charge and the charge is avrage 1500 per monts and you will get high speed internet with unlimited offer and jio will show his fiber speed and the speed is 1 gb/s then you will play online 4k videos and movies without buffer

Plains :-

If we talk about jio giga fiber price plain after three months the price of jio giga fiber is very less you can enjoy this service only 900 To 1500 INR but you get new connection jio offer you three monts free subscription and the new connecton frice is 2400 for new connection its called instalation charge and jio say about the instalation charge is refundable when you quite your fiber plain

Offer :-

jio will offer you fast internet and the speed acording to jio is 1 gb/s and jio offer you first three months free subscription after free subscription user pay tis charge and jio also say you can get refundable instalation charge its mean when you quite your fiber plan jio refund total instalation charge

City List For jio Giga fiber :-

if you want to check you city is avlale for jio giga fier you will check you city list on the site and the site have Many option like

  1. avlable
  2. released 15 august
  3. work in progress
  4. comming soon

if you want to check you lisk click the link and check you city list of jio giga fiber city

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Jio Giga Fiber

Relince jio newely released jio giga fiber in whole india but jio is testing his fiber in thousand of city till last year they promiss that thay give fastest fix line broad band in india with 1 gb/s internet speed and you can register it on 15 Aug 2018 on jio.com or my jio app and you can mack you interest on giga fiber to mack soure you city will be avalable for giga fiber

What Is Current Plan :- The current plain of jio giga fiber is 1 gb/s and second plain of jio giga fiber is 100 mb/s and the plain are truely unlimited and you can use high speed internt with 3 months free offer from jio on new connection and there are released on 15 august 2018 in 1500+ city in hole india Mukesh ambani also say we provide jio giga fiber first on a city that send more request for giga fiber

Speed :- jio giga fiber speed according to jio is 1 gb/ps and second plain from jio giga fiber is 100 mp/s and you can choose your intrest from the two plains and also you high speed internet with unlimited connectivity and watch ultra hd 4k contant without bufring and you can also play online games in ultra setting and downlod movies in less second

1 Gb/s Plan :- Jio will provide high speed internet in jio giga fiber and you can use internet with 1 Gb/s speed and watch ultra hd 4k contant on web if you watch 4k movies it will truely buffer free and you can download and upload your contant on web it’s realy fast like you want to upload avg 10 gb file on web its take only 10 second and you can also play online games in ultra settings

100 Mb/s Plan :- jio will provide you second plan with 100 Mb/s and this plain will also unlimited and you can use internet with this two high speed plains 1 Gb/s and 100 Mb/s plan and in this plain you will get fast internet if you want to download movie from the web it wil take only 7 second and it will also play full hd contant from web without buffering and play online games with hd setting

3 Monts Free :- Jio wil alos provide 3 monts free offer for new user when you get new connection you will get 90 days free offer from jio for test this connection and after three months jio will also release its giga fiber price plane and then you will also pay for your giga fiber internet and accordnig to sorces its price avg 700 INR and 1200 INR for users but jio will free on first 3 monts and you wil enjoy your 3 months free plan from jio giga fiber

Pricing :- Now currently jio giga fiber will free for 3 monts from august to octomber and in these 3 monts you will play only for jio giga fiber instalation charge and abount for the router and cables but you will enjoy free jio giga fiber plain for first 3 monts and you can enjoy truely unlimited internet and play 4k ultra hd contant from web and also play online games on hd setting if we talk about its price after expire the 3 monts free plan its price take around 700 INR To 1200 INR for its two plan for jio giga fiber

Release date :- Jio will also anounce jio giga fiber release date it will release 15 august 2018 with two offers and it will like 1 Gb/s and  100 Mb/s plans and you can register for jio giga fiber from its official website jio.com  and my jio mobile app in 15 august 2018 and jio will charge you for instalating and router but its free for 3 months

How to Book :- if you think to book jio giga fiber for new connection you can easily book from its official website jio.com  and my jio mobile app in 15 august 2018 and after released jio wil install giga fiber on your home and you can use your free 3 months subscription with truely unlimited internet connection and jio will offer you two plan 1 Gb/s and 100 Mb/s plan you can choose from your choise