Playerunknow batterground (pubg) Story

Many time you listen about player unknown battle ground may be by your friends and relatives and you think what is this🤔 so now in this post we talk about it that what is this why is this and about this game like story review and more. So read this article till end for better know about it so first go into the story.

1. Story :- playerunknow baterground (pubg) is big game in this is online game and you will play this game solo or quod means you will play this game with you friend with same team and story of pubg is in this game have a 16 km map and when this game will start all player seet in one aeroplane and jump all player in his fav. place and servive like collect and stolen some weapen form house that already in this games and fight to another team and servier but the condition is the map smaller after some time like 2 minutes and player who live outsime the map he will dying after some time so all playe have go to safe jone on the map and servive at the last member of the game a player who live at last player its winner and he got chiken dinner

3. Map :- The pubg map is around in 16 km and all player have to leave in the safe zone player who go to out side the map will diyng after some time so all player need to go safe zone and servie

3. Players :- In game pubg have 100 player at the same time in same map and all play want to servive at last player for winn the match and in the player have three option first solo means single player in your team and duo meand two players in your team and quod meand four player in your team

4. revive :- In pubg game you have revie optione means when you team mate died by anothe player you will revive you team meat when dont die propely you can revive you friends

5. Chiken dinner :- after you win the game you will gote chiken dinner in your game and you will also share you result in social media directly from pubg and

6. How Was It :- Many time you think how was the game good or bad but according to my game experience and knowledge this is good game and i play this game everyday so be happy

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