How To install new os (operating system) easy way

Reason To install new os

when you use your computer some time your os crupted and your pc don’t works then you deside install new os

and the second reason is your pc slow down and you deside to install a new os and speed up your pc thats the two reason for install new os

lets go for how to install new operating system

Step 1  Download your os in iso file and copy your os in any bootable device and plug into your pc

step 2   Restart your pc when your pc will restarting and its show bios menu then press key (hp- press esc, dell-press f2 or delete) then you find bios meny and then choose your disk and your pc will auto booting

Step 3  Accapte all licence aggrement and click install

Step 4  choose your drive where you want to install your os

Step 5  and wait some time when your os will install automatic

Step 6  when your operating system will install enter the product key and enjoy your new os

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