How to install 2 operating system in single pc

Some Time you using your pc you realize to install second operating system in your pc and desktop and you are using windows then you think to install mac os and when you using mac os then you think to install windows to your mac but here we read how to install new os in windows pc and desktop

1. Step first to install second os in your windows pc :- first go to website/link virtual box and click downlod virtual box and save it on your pc and run it

2. step two install virtual box :- after download virtual box go to your download section and double click virtual box application and install step by step and install it on your pc and open after install open virtual box application and click create new device

3. Step three create new device :- after install virtual box applicaton open it and click new and choose your vertual device setting like ram, storage, media, disk, and graphic setting and save your device

4. step four download os :- Download operating system you want to install and save your os iso file in your destination and open virual box and click your created virtual device setting and go to storage setting and chooset your os iso file by clicking + icon and choose your os file

5. Step Five open your virtual devic :- After that process click open on your virtual device and after click your device butting your new os file and after few hour your os will installed its depand on your pc performance

6. Enjoy :- After install your new os you will enjoy two os in single machien and you can use both os in same time

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