How To create new website by own domain name

Many time we think to create a new website and we research about it to create a new website but we don’t have any idea to create a new website but today in this article we will show you how to create a new website and how to buy domain name and hosting and install wordpress and edit website easily and add some author to speed up posts to fast grow up your website so go for this article.


  1. For creating new website you want domain name
  2. and second you want hosting
  3. If you don’t have html knowledge Don’t warry we have a solution for you just use wordpress for edit your website
  4. install wordpress into your site
  5. edit and post some article in your sites

1. Domain name :- First you buy a domain name for creating new own website for buy domain name in low price go to go daddy and buy a new domain its price is someting 700 INR so you can buy domain name from go dady to creating new webiste

2. Hosting :- Secind you want to buy a new hosting for creating new websit and hosting price in indai is avg. 1400 INR so you can buy hosting from hostgator and you can buy hosting and connect you hosting and domain with in domain setting

3. install wordpress :- after buying domain and hosting your second step is install wordpress in your site so first go to and click download wordpress and save in you system and open you hosting cpanel and go to files and open public_html and delete all file and upload you downloaded wordpress file by extrated file after that steps you will open you webbsite and setup wordpress

4. Setup your site :- after install wordpress go to your site cpanel and create new databast and also create new database use after that procses you will come to your site and click setup and you will show a new page in your site you will enter you databse username and user and password you will enter your site and you will edit by your choise

5. Enjoy :- After that process you can easily edit your site and you will cosemize by our choise

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