How to Buy jio giga fiber

jio will anounce it’s new internet service call jio giga fiber and jio say we will release our fiber service in august 15 2018 and this service release on 1100+ City in india and it will free for first three months but user pay its instalation charge and the instalation charge is 2400 INR rupee and after 3 monts free subscription user pay its charge and the charge is avrage 1500 per monts and you will get high speed internet with unlimited offer and jio will show his fiber speed and the speed is 1 gb/s then you will play online 4k videos and movies without buffer

Plains :-

If we talk about jio giga fiber price plain after three months the price of jio giga fiber is very less you can enjoy this service only 900 To 1500 INR but you get new connection jio offer you three monts free subscription and the new connecton frice is 2400 for new connection its called instalation charge and jio say about the instalation charge is refundable when you quite your fiber plain

Offer :-

jio will offer you fast internet and the speed acording to jio is 1 gb/s and jio offer you first three months free subscription after free subscription user pay tis charge and jio also say you can get refundable instalation charge its mean when you quite your fiber plan jio refund total instalation charge

City List For jio Giga fiber :-

if you want to check you city is avlale for jio giga fier you will check you city list on the site and the site have Many option like

  1. avlable
  2. released 15 august
  3. work in progress
  4. comming soon

if you want to check you lisk click the link and check you city list of jio giga fiber city

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