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what is hdd and ssd difference

when you buy a new device or hard drive you read or hear about storage drive type hdd and sdd but what is the difference bitween hdd and sdd because its name look same like hdd means hard drive disk and ssd means solid state drive and if you cant understan difference bitween ssd and hdd we tell you the most difference is speed, size and weight ssd is faster, smaller, less weight compare to hdd

difference bitween hdd and sdd :- If we compare the ssd and hdd its four majour difference speed, size, weight and price so we compare hdd and ssd in the four size ok lets start and enjoy this article

Speed :- When we compare hdd and ssd in speed the hdd provide you slow speed and ssd give you faster speed its read and right speed faster then hdd a simple hdd give you avg. 3 gb/s speed and sdd speed is avg 6 gb/s so you can wath which is best in speed and for you and you can edit 4k video esily and your pc boot up speed is faster when you use ssd but hdd is not too slow but its slow if you creat higer pc then use ssd

Size :- Compare to hdd and ssd in size the hdd is bigger then ssd because hdd works on disk and in hdd have rotaion morot and many components and in ssd have no motor and any disk its have trangisters and you can place many trangister in closely then ssd is smaller when you use a pandrive and memory card its work on sdd technology so ssd is smaller then hdd and you can save space when use ssd in your device

Weight :- if you compare hdd and ssd in weight remember ssd works on trangisters and hdd works in rotation disk and motor and metel body then hdd have more weight compare to ssd and ssd works in trangisters then its have small weight you can use in your sleem device for less weight

Price :- when we compare hdd and sdd in price the sdd i costly compare to hdd and the hdd is cheap compare to sdd and if you can invest more price in your device then we suggest to buy ssd if you save then go to hdd or if you want more space in ssd price so go to hdd because there are no big difference in speed but remember sdd is faster then ssd

Which is best For me :- If you create a device in low price or you want more storage in ssd price then go to hdd but you want small space but faster speed then go to ssd because ssd give you faster speed but hdd not posible to give you fast speed

What is the ram type DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4

When you buy a new pc or ram you hear abour ddr2, ddr3 and ddr4 ram rame type and you are confused and ask or search about what is the type of ram so today we well tell you what is the ddr2, ddr3 and ddr4 ram type so lets start

Difference :- In ram type ddr2, ddr3 and ddr4 have many difference like powe consumption, speed, durability, size and ports there are many difference in ddr2, ddr3 and ddr4 ram type and the major difference is powe consumption and speed because ddr 2 is slower than ddr3 and ddr3 are slower than ddr4 and same difference in powe consumption

Powe consumption :- DDR2 consum more power then ddr3 and ddr4 and when you want to create a device that work on battery then we don’t recommended you for use the ddr2 type of ram in device because it will consum more power and your device don’t run longer time in your battery

ddr3 ram is batter then ddr2 because you fing more read and rite speed that make your device powefull and it’s don’t consum extra power compare to ddr2 but its not greate choise because ddr4 available in the market

ddr4 is a good choise for create a new device because it consume small power compare to ddr2 and ddr3 and its provide you fast read and rite speed that make your device faster compare to ddr2 and ddr3 any your device rum smoothly and in laptop your battry work longer

speed :- ddr2 speed compare to ddr3 and its cant provide much speed for play higher games and editing videos using photoshop and workning on graphic design so we don’t recammed you to use this ram

ddr3 is batter then ddr2 because its speed is faster then dd3 and its work on more Mhz than its provide you faster speed then ddr2 and in this ram you can play higer games and edit video and graphic desiging

ddr4 is batter then ddr3 and ddr2 because this ram stick will give you more speed then ddr2 and ddr3 because its trangister is more closer and it’s mhz is faster then other ram than it will give you more speed and you can play gmes in ultra setting and edit 4k quality videos and work on graphic

Choise :- If you think to create a device and think which is best for you first chose your work which work you want to do and than check your device capibility and price we are recamend you to use ddr3 or d4 ram stick because it’s faster then you get smoot experience

What is Server And How it’s works

You read or hear the name called Server if you don’t know what is the server no proble we tell you what is server

Server :-  First you remember that server is a computer that connected to high speed internet and it is programed to resive, send and store data and any one who connected to the server and have permissin to view data can use the server throw website, emails, cloud storage

Works Of server :- Servers handel and serve the world wide internet because all the data in the world like your facebook photo video, youtube videos, your cloud data everything in the internet are stored in servers i know your next question is how many storage have in servers but i will tell you only google have 1 million+ servers but currently only 90,000 server are working and one server have millions of PB Storage

First Step :- Server have millions TB sorage, ram And cpu that is server and server are connected to internet throw fiber cables and serve data

Second Step :- Install a program in server that give instruction to server and connect domains, cloud storage, file sharing, etc. service to server and server store date webpage and everything you want and that is simple process of server that server works

Uses of servers :- Server works many tasks like manage website, store data, cloud storage, email server, application server and more works server works propely and server the service and make our work easier

Can we create local network Server :- Yes you can create local home server for file sharing, data storage and much more works if you want to create home server first install server os like lenux, ubuntu, windows server os in your server pc and connect it to internet and mange and store your date every where in the world

How Was The server internet speed :- Server internet speed is realy wery fast server speed depand in may task like temprature, server load, cpu, ram, fiber cables and may tasks but in normal working process server speed is around 800 MB/Sec to 2000 MB/sec

How many trafic a single server handle :- A single server can handle millions of users and work normaly but some time and some sarver cand handle user arround 20 to 30 millions and working fine but only google have 1 million+ server and amazon, facebook have same numbers of server

How To create new website by own domain name

Many time we think to create a new website and we research about it to create a new website but we don’t have any idea to create a new website but today in this article we will show you how to create a new website and how to buy domain name and hosting and install wordpress and edit website easily and add some author to speed up posts to fast grow up your website so go for this article.


  1. For creating new website you want domain name
  2. and second you want hosting
  3. If you don’t have html knowledge Don’t warry we have a solution for you just use wordpress for edit your website
  4. install wordpress into your site
  5. edit and post some article in your sites

1. Domain name :- First you buy a domain name for creating new own website for buy domain name in low price go to go daddy and buy a new domain its price is someting 700 INR so you can buy domain name from go dady to creating new webiste

2. Hosting :- Secind you want to buy a new hosting for creating new websit and hosting price in indai is avg. 1400 INR so you can buy hosting from hostgator and you can buy hosting and connect you hosting and domain with in domain setting

3. install wordpress :- after buying domain and hosting your second step is install wordpress in your site so first go to and click download wordpress and save in you system and open you hosting cpanel and go to files and open public_html and delete all file and upload you downloaded wordpress file by extrated file after that steps you will open you webbsite and setup wordpress

4. Setup your site :- after install wordpress go to your site cpanel and create new databast and also create new database use after that procses you will come to your site and click setup and you will show a new page in your site you will enter you databse username and user and password you will enter your site and you will edit by your choise

5. Enjoy :- After that process you can easily edit your site and you will cosemize by our choise

How to install 2 operating system in single pc

Some Time you using your pc you realize to install second operating system in your pc and desktop and you are using windows then you think to install mac os and when you using mac os then you think to install windows to your mac but here we read how to install new os in windows pc and desktop

1. Step first to install second os in your windows pc :- first go to website/link virtual box and click downlod virtual box and save it on your pc and run it

2. step two install virtual box :- after download virtual box go to your download section and double click virtual box application and install step by step and install it on your pc and open after install open virtual box application and click create new device

3. Step three create new device :- after install virtual box applicaton open it and click new and choose your vertual device setting like ram, storage, media, disk, and graphic setting and save your device

4. step four download os :- Download operating system you want to install and save your os iso file in your destination and open virual box and click your created virtual device setting and go to storage setting and chooset your os iso file by clicking + icon and choose your os file

5. Step Five open your virtual devic :- After that process click open on your virtual device and after click your device butting your new os file and after few hour your os will installed its depand on your pc performance

6. Enjoy :- After install your new os you will enjoy two os in single machien and you can use both os in same time

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How To install new os (operating system) easy way

Reason To install new os

when you use your computer some time your os crupted and your pc don’t works then you deside install new os

and the second reason is your pc slow down and you deside to install a new os and speed up your pc thats the two reason for install new os

lets go for how to install new operating system

Step 1  Download your os in iso file and copy your os in any bootable device and plug into your pc

step 2   Restart your pc when your pc will restarting and its show bios menu then press key (hp- press esc, dell-press f2 or delete) then you find bios meny and then choose your disk and your pc will auto booting

Step 3  Accapte all licence aggrement and click install

Step 4  choose your drive where you want to install your os

Step 5  and wait some time when your os will install automatic

Step 6  when your operating system will install enter the product key and enjoy your new os

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What Is Sync (synchronization) and how it’s works

sync (synchronization) is a process where you got auto backup your files form your device to cloud and protect files from system crace and mistackly delete and you can setting your device to auto backup your data to cloud

  1. Mobile  you can auto setting your mobile to auto backup your data to clooud when you are using android device you can go to setting and choose google or sync process and compleate the process then you choose your drvice to auto backup

         2. Contacts  when you sign in your devce and connect to internet then your device auto backup your all contacts on your device will                     auto backup to google contacts and google server and when you login you same email id to another device then your contacts will                       auto restore to your new device

3. Backup on Pc  

the next question is how to backup your pc data directly to cloud and you can auto back feature on your pc is google drive and you can downlod google drive in your pc and setting to auto backup files and then your pc auto backup your files when you connect to internet

How To Earn Money Online 3 Easy Way To Earn

अगर आप घर बेठे बेठे ऑनलाइन तेरीका से पैसा कमाना चाहता है तो आप सही जगह आइय है 
देखो ऑनलाइन पैसा कमाना बहोत ही आसन है आपको कही भि जाने की जरुरत नहीं है और इसके किया किया तरीका है वो सारे निम्न तरीके से है
1. Youtube
है  घर पर रह कर आप youtube से काफी आच्छ पैसा कमा सकते है इसके लिए आपको कुछ भि जयादा करने की जरुरत नहीं है बस आपको एक कंप्यूटर या एक मोबाइल की जरुरत होगी जिसमे इन्टरनेट चलता हो और एक विडियो एडिटर की जो फ्री भि हो सकता है
किसपर विडियो बनाये
1. सक्सेस स्टोरी / लाइफ स्टोरी
   अगर आप बोलना मे एक्सपर्ट है तो आप किसी सक्सेस फुल इन्सान की सक्सेस स्टोरी या फिर आप उसकी जीवनी भि बता सकते हो इसके लिया आपको कुछ भि जयादा नहीं करना पड़ा गा आपको सिर्फ एक फ्री वाइट बोर्ड एनीमेशन सॉफ्टवेर दोव्न्लोद करना पडे गा
2. कुछ सिखाओ
    अगर आप  किसी को कुछ भि आसानी से सिखा सकते हो तो आप के लिया youtube बेस्ट आप्शन है आप कोई भि learning चैनल खोल सकते हो और अपना टैलेंट शेयर कर सकते हो  इस का लिया भि आपको समे फ्री white board animation सॉफ्टवेर इनस्टॉल कर सक्तो है
2. Blogg
अगर आप लिखने मे विस्वास रकते है तो आप के लिया ब्लॉग काफी बेस्ट आईडिया हो सकता है  और इसके लिए आपको कुछ भि जायदा सामान की जरुरत नहीं हा न mick न कैमरा ना लाइट कुछ भि नहीं बास इ मोबाइल या कंप्यूटर आप बोल कर भि type कर सकते है येह कीबोर्ड सा type कर कर भि कर सकते हो
3. afflicate markiting
आप अपना किसी भि दोस्त येह facebook या whatsapp पर इस afflicate markiting का लिंक शेयर कर सकते हो और इसके लिए आपको कुछ भि नहीं करना बस एक afflicate markiting ओन करनी है जो आप amazon और flipkart से कर सकते हो इसमें आपको बस इतन करना है की कोई भि प्रोडक्ट लो amazon और flipkart पेर और उसको afflicate markiting क्रिएट करो और उसे शेयर करदो और अगर कोई भि आपके लिंक से असमान खिरदे गा तो आपको उस सामान का 10 % कमिशन मिल जायगा